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T&R Westport cleaning Ltd offers clients the very best in professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Our residential carpet cleaning services help completely revitalise tired carpet fabrics. We only use the very latest cleaning equipment which penetrates deeply into the fabric helping to remove built-up dirt and stubborn stains.

By utilising a combination of equipment and cleaning agents we can remove all kinds of impurities while protecting the integrity of the carpet's fibres and colour.

Interested in removing the dullness of your carpet and making it look new again? Get in contact with the Westport carpet cleaning experts.


For the best in professional Westport carpet cleaning services, get in contact with T&R Westport cleaning Ltd today.


Our carpet shampooing procedure includes adding powerful – but gentle on the carpet – cleaning agents to penetrate the fabrics of a carpet, removing dirt and dust that has been thread into the carpet. This process helps remove all kinds of dirt and stains, which helps return a carpet's original shade and luminosity. Our carpet cleaning service cleans, disinfects and removes odours while keeping a carpet fresher for longer.


For the best in professional Westport carpet cleaning and Westport Upholstery cleaning get in contact with T&R Westport cleaning Ltd today.


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How long should I stay off my carpet after a carpet cleaning?

We recommend avoiding any heavy traffic on the carpet for at least 6 hours. If you have to walk across the carpet inside this 6-hour window we recommend removing your shoes and not staying on the carpet for any longer than necessary.

How do I prepare for a carpet cleaning?

We recommend removing any furniture from the room in question. This will mean we have clear and easy access to the entire carpet.

How do I make my carpet dry faster after a cleaning?

Leaving the windows open can help along with using fans to keep air circulating within the room. Dehumidifiers may also help to speed up the drying process.

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